Thursday, November 12, 2009

Te Point Reptile Park

On 9th November Room 3 went to the Te Point Reptile Park. Ivan (owner) gave us a tour around the park. First he showed us the two different types of lizards that New Zealand has, a skink and a gecko.

After that he started to lead us around his park. First we got to see all the lizards in their
enclosures. Most of them were camouflaged and were hard to see.

Then we kept walking down the hill and past lots of enclosures labelled things like "Blue water dragon" and the "Leopard skink".There were even two Capuchin monkeys called Harrison and Sam. After that we kept walking until we came across the Alligator. Ivan tried to feed it some old possum but it just hissed and shut its eyes.

We kept walking past enclosures for about another half hour and eventually we came across the Chameleon enclosure. Ivan got a bug and held it out about 40cm in front of the Chameleon. The Chameleon curled up its tongue aimed and fired. In a split second the bug was gone.

Then we walked up the path, said thanks to Ivan and went to our camp.

We all had heaps of fun.

Photography and illustration by Luke.

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